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DuckDuckGo is an international community of extraordinary individuals, committed to a shared vision of raising the standard of trust online. We strive to make great products while maintaining unconditional respect for the people that use them.

We embrace diverse perspectives, and seek out passionate, self-motivated people. Each of us works toward a future that, together, we want to exist.

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Work Whenever, Wherever

We know that productivity is personal, and trust our remote team to work wherever, whenever. We rely on a variety of tools to connect and collaborate across time zones.

Make an Impact

We are a small, growing team, building privacy products used by millions of people worldwide. Regardless of what you do here, expect to make a difference at DuckDuckGo from day one!

Culture of Trust

A culture of building trust anchors our work philosophy. Transparency and autonomy enable empowered project management throughout the company, at all levels.

Other Reasons to Love Working at DuckDuckGo

  • • Flexible work schedule
  • • Company-wide hack days
  • • Family leave policy
  • • Co-working reimbursement
  • • Company and team meetups
  • • Flexible vacation and sick leave practices.
  • • Diverse team with variety of work and educational experiences
  • • Open participation in company strategy
  • • US Health Benefits
  • • Wellness and learning benefits
  • • Charitable contribution matching
  • • "Use good judgment" approach to company policies
  • Girl Develop It Blog - Meet four DuckDuckGo women and learn about their journeys in tech.

The DuckDuckGo Hiring Process

We're always looking for people who share our core values (building trust, questioning assumptions, and validating direction). We seek to exemplify these values in everything we do, and our non-traditional hiring process is no exception.

Rather than rely on interviews, we base our hiring decisions on demonstrable work performance. We achieve that through asking our candidates to complete paid projects, which largely resemble the type of challenges they would be solving at DuckDuckGo every day.

So how does this actually work?

  • Apply for an open position!
  • If your application matches the role, our people operations manager will invite you for a short call to discuss your experience and answer your questions.
  • Should both sides decide to continue, you'll have an opportunity to showcase your skills through a couple of short, paid projects.
  • After the test projects, we will connect you with members of our leadership team. The goal of these calls is to learn more about you and talk more about our approaches to project management, remote work, and more.

We are happy to structure this process around a flexible timeline based on your schedule and current employment status. If at the end of this process you have doubts around working on a fully distributed team, we offer an option of doing a part-time internal project with us. This would give you a complete DuckDuckGo experience, before you decide if you would like to commit full-time.

For information about how we process your personal data when you submit it to be considered for a role, please see our Recruiting Information Policy.

Open Positions

Dave, Zaahir, and Chris hanging out and chatting during our global meetup. Bill and Olivia starting a pact of some sort. Cindy and John chatting during one of our breakout sessions.