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We help you get where you want to go in fewer steps. We do that through instant answers, keyboard shortcuts and !bangs.

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The most shared stories from hand-crafted sources. Together with search this is truly the most efficient way to stay on top of the news.

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Since our apps are completely open source you can contribute to the code and help us improve our products yourself if you want!

What people are saying...

“Use DuckDuckGo on all my PC and Mac browsers, as well as all my tablets and phones! Great query results, accurate search queries, fast returns, secure and tracking free! The app takes all of the great browser features and mixes in some fun and convenient features and serves them up!” Tepper Pass via Google Play
“Something different. Something more interesting. Overall, a great concept. Impeccable search results. The feeds on homepage are just addictive for readers. Can search with apps. Something really worth downloading.” Hrishikesh Kamat via Google Play
“Nice search features and consistently improving. But most important is unlike Google, the search data isn't archived and used to build a profile on you. God bless freedom!” Terry White via Google Play

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