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Join the millions who are choosing a better search experience.

DuckDuckGo has everything you expect a search engine to have, including images, news and places, all while respecting your privacy. Great results without tracking you. That's DuckDuckGo in a nutshell.

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Instant Answers for every situation. Music, weather and recipes to name a few.

Instant Answers help you find what you're looking for in fewer clicks. Everything from a stopwatch for your workout to finding movies with Chuck Norris can be found without leaving your search engine!

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Fine tune your search experience just the way you like it.

You can change nearly everything about DuckDuckGo, including the look and feel. For example, boost results for your region, try a different theme, or adjust the displayed language.

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A feature to help you search on thousands of other sites, directly.

A search for !amazon shoes will take you right to a search for shoes on Try !a shoes or !imdb rushmore. There are thousands of !bangs and you can even submit your own.

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...and did we mention we don't track you?

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A search engine that doesn't collect personal data. How @duckduckgo keeps your information private while searching: @CBSThisMorningCBS This Morning @CBSThisMorning
Person I'm working with: "How come your Google is better than my Google?" Because my Google is @duckduckgo.@ganeumannJerry Neumann @ganeumann