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Viewing ads is privacy protected by DuckDuckGo.

We partner with many different information sources to deliver DuckDuckGo Search (e.g., Tripadvisor for hotel ads, Apple for maps, etc.). When you view search results (including ads), your searches cannot be tied back to you, either by us or our partners. How this works technically is we do not store any personal identifiers (e.g., IP address) with your search terms, and we also proxy all requests to partners through us.

Whenever you interact with ads and leave our site, you are subject to other sites’ policies, including their data collection practices. For ads from Tripadvisor, you also pass through Tripadvisor’s advertising platform.

For more info, please read our Privacy Policy.

Hotel ad clicks are managed by Tripadvisor’s ad network.

When you interact with a Tripadvisor ad on the search results page (e.g., to input travel dates), Tripadvisor may use the check-in and check-out dates you provide, the number of guests you select, your country, time zone, and whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device to display relevant, up-to-date hotel pricing from third-party booking providers.

If you then click on the ad to visit a specific booking provider, Tripadvisor will share the same information outlined above with the booking provider to ensure you see the same hotel and price information on the booking site. Clicking on Tripadvisor ads will not affect recommendations and prices on

Other search engines associate your ad-click behavior with a profile on you, which can be used later to target ads to you on that search engine or around the Internet. By contrast, when you interact with Tripadvisor ads on DuckDuckGo, Tripadvisor cannot see your search query and does not associate your behavior with a user profile. It also does not store or share ad-click information other than for enabling the display of accurate hotel pricing, accounting purposes, and fraud prevention. Tripadvisor does not use or share ad-click information for the purpose of optimizing the price shown in hotel ads.

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