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Ever tried looking yourself up online? DuckDuckGo Personal Information Removal can help find and remove your personal information, such as your name and address, from data broker sites that store and sell it, helping to combat identity theft and spam. Access to Personal Information Removal comes with a DuckDuckGo Privacy Pro subscription.

How do I get Personal Information Removal?

DuckDuckGo Personal Information Removal is included in the DuckDuckGo Privacy Pro subscription. To subscribe to Privacy Pro and use Personal Information Removal, first download the DuckDuckGo Browser on desktop and subscribe to Privacy Pro in the browser settings. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll be able to start using Personal Information Removal from the Settings menu in the browser.

How does Personal Information Removal work?

When you use Personal Information Removal for the first time, the app will ask for your name, age, and address. This data is stored locally on your device and never shared with DuckDuckGo.

Once you’ve provided this information, Personal Information Removal automates the removal process. It scans for your info on over 50 data broker sites, requests its removal, and receives and handles confirmation emails for you. It then scans these sites on a regular schedule to minimize the risk of your information reappearing. Unlike other services, every step of this process happens entirely on your device, not remote servers — your device stores the personal information you provide during setup and initiates removal requests.

After Personal Information Removal conducts its initial scan, you track the progress of ongoing removals, keep tabs on the total number of records that have been removed, and see the site-scanning schedule on your personal dashboard in the DuckDuckGo browser.

What are data brokers, and how did they get my data?

Data brokers collect and sell personal data, which they aggregate from public records, Internet trackers, and other sources. This information may include your name, physical address, birth date, the names of your relatives, and more. Many of these sites will display some amount of your personal information for free to anyone who searches for your name.

What sites does Personal Information Removal cover?

Personal Information Removal currently removes personal data from the following websites:

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