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You don’t need to provide us with your email to use Privacy Pro, though you can opt to do so for ease of activation across devices. If you choose to add an email address, DuckDuckGo only uses it for that purpose.

What if I don’t want to add my email address?

You can activate your subscription in the following ways to avoid sharing your email address with DuckDuckGo.

If you purchased Privacy Pro via our website or purchased Privacy Pro in the DuckDuckGo browser downloaded from our website, you can activate Privacy Pro on your other devices following these instructions and authenticate using the email address you used to purchase Privacy Pro through our payment processor, Stripe.

If you downloaded our browser from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you can activate your subscription through your app store account for Apple and Google devices, respectively.

If I choose to add an email, do I need to use the same email to activate Privacy Pro on multiple devices?

Yes. Currently, Privacy Pro only supports one email per subscription. You can change this email address, but you can’t add two emails to the same subscription.

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