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For Personal Information Removal to accurately locate your records on data broker sites, it requires you to enter some personal information. However, this personal information stays on your device and not DuckDuckGo servers.

How does Personal Information Removal keep my personal information provided for scanning secure?

Unlike other services, Personal Information Removal happens from your device and not on remote servers. For example, all the information you provide during setup, like your name and age, is stored locally on your device. Removal requests to data broker sites are also submitted directly from your device. This too is unlike most other services where removal requests are initiated on remote servers. The only personal information we may receive in this process are confirmation emails from data broker sites, which we automatically handle for you and then delete within 72 hours.

What happens to my personal information if I cancel my Privacy Pro subscription?

If you cancel your Privacy Pro subscription, any data that was stored on your device for Personal Information Removal, including the info you entered to use Personal Information Removal (like names, locations, and age) will be deleted. That means any of your personal info that was previously removed may start showing up on data broker sites again, and we will no longer be assisting with removing it.

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