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Digital Services Act (EU 2022/2065) Regulatory Reporting

At DuckDuckGo, we don’t track you, ever. That’s our privacy policy in a nutshell. For example, we do not create unique cookies and, more generally, architect our product so that we do not even have the ability to create a search or browsing history for any individual — it’s privacy by design.

At the same time, we are required to comply with regulatory requirements in the European Union (EU). One such requirement is to publish the average number of monthly active recipients of our search engine service in the EU every six months. As we do not track you, ever, the average number of monthly active recipients set out below is based on anonymized data. We have calculated the figures using survey data, which tells us the average number of searches conducted by users, applied against an estimate of the total number of searches conducted from the EU which we also estimate using Anonymous Localized Results.

Reporting Period Estimated Average Monthly Active Recipients in the EU
17 February 2023 13.8MM +/-1.1MM
30 June 2023 14.8MM +/-1.1MM

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