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Digital Services Act (EU 2022/2065)

Point of contact for Member States’ authorities, the European Commission, and the European Board for Digital Services

DuckDuckGo’s single point of contact is English is the preferred language for communication with this point of contact.

How DuckDuckGo users can contact us

You can reach out to us in various ways. Just reference the Contact Us page to find the applicable details.

If your request relates to the DSA, please state this in the title and body of the email.

DuckDuckGo’s legal representative for the DSA is:

EU Monthly Active Users of Our Online Search Engine

When searching or browsing on DuckDuckGo, we don’t track you, ever. That’s our Privacy Policy in a nutshell. For example, we do not create unique cookies and, more generally, architect our search engine and browser so that we cannot even create a search or browsing history for any individual — it’s privacy by design.

The European Union (EU) requires publication of the average number of monthly active recipients of our search engine service in the EU every six months. As we do not track our users, the average number of monthly active recipients below is based on anonymized data. We have calculated the figures using survey data, which tells us the average number of searches conducted by users, applied against an estimate of the total number of searches conducted from the EU which we also estimate using Anonymous Localized Results.

Reporting Period Estimated Average Monthly Active Recipients in the EU
17 February 2023 13.8MM +/-1.1MM
30 June 2023 14.8MM +/-1.1MM
31 December 2023 15.2MM +/-1.2MM

Date of Publication: 16 February, 2024

Date of Last Update: 16 February, 2024

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