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The DuckDuckGo VPN prohibits port forwarding.

Does the DuckDuckGo VPN block any ports?

Yes, we block ports 25, 137, 138, 139, 445, and 6881–6889.

We reserve the right to block any port in order to protect ourselves, our customers, and the quality of our service.

Can I torrent TV shows and other content using the DuckDuckGo VPN?

Our VPN cannot be used to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or for any other illegal activity, per the Privacy Pro Terms of Service. While we recognize there are non-infringing uses of torrenting, we made the decision to block destination ports commonly used for torrenting. We also prohibit port forwarding.

This decision was made to ensure the privacy-centric architecture of our VPN is sustainable long term. We are committed to maintaining a system that does not enable us to connect online activity to a particular user. Considering this, we have taken these proactive measures to prevent abuse of our service.

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