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At DuckDuckGo, we don’t track you, ever. That’s our privacy policy in a nutshell. For example, we do not create unique cookies and, more generally, architect our product so that we do not even have the ability to create a search or browsing history for any individual — it’s privacy by design.

To protect you (our users) and ensure a bug-free search experience, we use a standardized computer security specification called a Content Security Policy or “CSP”. Our CSP tells your browser which resources (for example, JavaScript code, images, etc.) it should trust, fetch, and execute on, helping us detect and block malicious third-party attacks, like Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) attacks, code injection attacks, clickjacking, and more.

When searching on DuckDuckGo, you may occasionally see an additional request made to or This request sends us a report listing any potential CSP violations automatically, like when a legitimate resource fails to load, and helps us validate CSP updates we deploy.

In line with our strict Privacy Policy, CSP reports contain no personal information — in other words, they’re completely anonymous.

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