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How long does it take for my info to be removed from data broker sites?

The time it takes to remove your information varies from site to site. Some sites process removal requests within 24 hours, while others can take up to 6 weeks. Most removal requests just take a few days. Once Personal Information Removal finds your info on a site, it begins the removal process immediately.

Do I need to leave the browser running while a scan is in progress?

While scans and removals are performed from your device, the browser does not need to be open for these processes to run. Once you have Personal Information Removal set up, everything runs in the background.

Are there sites my personal information won’t be removed from?

Personal Information Removal is focused on the largest data brokers and people-search sites. You can review the list of sites we currently remove information from here.

We cannot remove personal information from other places online such as social media sites, sources of public record (birth, marriage, divorce, death), government databases, PPP loan databases, news articles, voter records, property records, or image databases. We also, unfortunately, cannot remove data from brokers who refuse to comply with opt-out requests.

Why does my personal information still turn up in search results?

Personal Information Removal targets data brokers and people-search sites, but your information may exist on other sites that can still appear in search results. Search engines may also still show your information on cached data broker site results until it crawls the updated site again. The timing with which different search engines update their results varies but, over time, Personal Information Removal should reduce how much of your information turns up in search results overall but cannot completely prevent it from reappearing over time.

Can my personal info reappear on people-search sites after removal?

Yes, personal info can reappear on people-search sites if it’s collected from new sources. We re-scan sites regularly to ensure your information is promptly removed if it appears again.

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