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How are favorites different than bookmarks?

The DuckDuckGo browser lets you mark certain bookmarks as a “favorites.” For quick access, favorited bookmarks are displayed in convenient locations, such as the New Tab page. Marking a bookmark as a favorite on one device type will not result in it being marked as a favorite on other devices by default, even if you’ve turned on Sync & Backup.

Can I keep the same favorites across all my devices?

Yes, you can! If you want the same favorites displayed across all your devices, do this after you enable Sync & Backup:

  1. Open the DuckDuckGo browser
  2. Go to Settings > Sync & Backup
  3. Turn on the Unify Favorites Across Devices setting
  4. You only need to turn on this setting on one of your devices to sync favorites across all of them

If you want to keep your mobile and desktop favorites separate, leave this setting off.

I’d like my bookmarks and favorites to show the website’s icon, instead of placeholder letters. How can I get icons to show up for my synced bookmarks?

Automatically downloading website icons (favicons) for synced bookmarks has privacy implications to consider, so this feature is available on an opt-in basis. To turn it on:

  1. Open the DuckDuckGo browser
  2. Go to Settings > Sync & Backup
  3. Turn on the Auto-Download Icons setting
  4. You will need to do this separately for each synced device.

Please note that downloading bookmark icons from the web will expose knowledge of your bookmarks to your network, even if you don’t visit the bookmark while connected to that network. Consider leaving this setting off if you connect to sensitive or shared networks (e.g., work, school, etc.) and do not want those networks to see your bookmarks.

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