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Where is my data stored?

When you enable Sync & Backup, your data is encrypted right on your device. That encrypted data is uploaded to DuckDuckGo’s servers so it can stay in sync with your other devices. (Synced data can also be restored with your Recovery Code if you lose your device.) At no time can DuckDuckGo decrypt or access your data.

What does it mean to be end-to-end encrypted?

When you enable Sync & Backup, a unique encryption key is generated locally on your device. A copy of this encryption key is saved on any other devices that you sync. It’s also stored within your Recovery Code, in case your devices are lost or damaged.

End-to-end encryption means that your data is encrypted before it is uploaded to DuckDuckGo’s servers, and it’s only decrypted after it’s downloaded onto your other devices. In other words, it’s encrypted from one end (the first device) to the other end (a second device) and is only readable in plain text from your devices that contain the encryption key.

DuckDuckGo does not have access to the encryption key and cannot read the data stored on our servers. Even if someone were to breach our servers and gain access to your data, it would remain encrypted, and they wouldn’t be able to read it without your encryption key.

What specific data will be synced?

Sync & Backup covers your bookmarks, passwords, and your Email Protection account. We expect to add more types of data over time.

Can I sync and back up only my bookmarks but not my passwords, or vice versa?

Currently, Sync & Backup is an all-or-nothing feature. In the future, we expect to add the ability to sync certain data types but not others.

Is there a limit to the amount of data that I can sync?

Yes, but it is a very high limit meant only to prevent abuse. We don’t expect anyone to hit this limit with regular usage.

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