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Duck Player is a free YouTube player available in the DuckDuckGo browser for Mac and Windows that lets you watch videos on YouTube without privacy-invading ads and keeps what you watch from impacting your recommendations.‌‌

How does Duck Player work?

The browser’s built-in video player protects you from tracking cookies and personalized ads by enforcing YouTube’s strictest privacy settings for embedded video, all within a distraction-free interface. In our testing, Duck Player prevented ads from loading on most videos altogether. When watching with Duck Player, YouTube can still log video views, so it’s not completely anonymous, but your viewing history does not contribute to your personalized recommendations or your YouTube advertising profile.

How do I use Duck Player?

All you need to do is download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Mac or Windows and find Duck Player options in Settings to enable. You can choose to open all YouTube videos in Duck Player or add an option to YouTube videos that lets you opt to use Duck Player for specific videos – perfect for when you’re sharing your screen, using a shared device, or just trying to stay focused. It’s equally easy to get back to the default version of YouTube whenever you want.

Prior versions on GitHub.