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What is identity theft?

By definition, identity theft is the act of stealing any combination of personally identifiable information, usually with the intention of assuming someone else’s identity or reselling the stolen data for financial benefit. Personally identifiable information that’s susceptible to theft can include your home address, birthdate, Social Security number, credit card number, driver’s license number, and more.

Embracing strong identity theft protection strategies can help you safeguard your personal and financial information from bad actors.

Below, we’ve compiled guides on identity theft protection to help you stay safe and informed:

The threat of identity theft can feel overwhelming, but it helps to stay vigilant and take proactive measures — that’s key to safeguarding your personal and financial information.

Keeping a close eye on your financial accounts and regularly checking your credit reports (coupled with strong digital security practices) form the foundation of the best identity theft protection strategies.

If you do notice signs of identity theft, you should act right away! Immediate action can mitigate potential damage and make for a quicker, smoother recovery process.

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